Having the best day or the worst day fishing highly depends on your decision on which bass fishing lure you will use. You don't just pick any lures and expect a good fishing day. It calls for the best lures for bass fishing to make your fishing as fruitful as expected. However, bass fishing is different and furthermore interesting because you choose from a variety of lures. We can talk about bass fishing all day long but what is important here is to know and understand how to go about picking the best bass fishing lure.

In this post, we will go through some simple tips that will surely help in choosing the right and best fishing lures! The process is easy but can at times be a little bit tricky if you are not aware of what you want. And so I say, you should always know and understand what you need before you get into the choosing process. Nevertheless, despite the challenges involved, I am pretty sure the following tips will surely help you settle for the best bass fishing lures. And I believe your fishing experience will not be the same again! Just read on and get informed.

1.Know and understand the type of lures.
We have different major categories of lures which we will discuss below.
I. Spinner Baits
These types of lures primarily take the shape of V. They come with a piece of rubber on one side that looks like a bait and metallic spoons on the other side. If you normally on deeper and grass water, these could probably work well for you as they sink easily and perfectly.

Pro Note: Use bigger spinnerbait during the winter and small ones in summer

ii. Jigs
These are almost similar to spinnerbaits. They can similarly sink well in grass waters as well as deep waters. For a better bass catching, it’s advised that you retrieve them slowly and ensure there are several tugs to wiggle the tails.
iii. Crank Baits
These take the shapes and features of a real fish. They move up and down imitating a hurt fish. They cover a lot of water and can be quickly retrieved from the waters. These lures work well for shallow waters
iv. Jerk baits
These are mostly used in cold water. So they will work well during the winter. They are designed to mimic a fish that has been hurt. When you throw them in, they will literary appear like a dying fish and the bass will have no option but attack the bait. They are generally awesome lures for bass fishing. They are versatile and therefore can be used on both deep and shallow water.
v. Plastics
These involve plastic worms and crawfish. They work perfectly when put on a hook. These can be used anywhere no matter the type of waters you fish on! They are the best baits for me!
vi. Swimbaits
These also look like a real fish. They are meant to make movements like that of a fish. That's why they are called "Swimbaits". They are great lures also!
Vii. TopWater Lures
These are good for clear waters. You can see the bass coming up for the bait which to me feels fun and interesting. The only limitation with these lures is that they will not work well on waters with grass and weed!

  • 2.Consider the color of the bait

    I would only be confident about the watermelon specks. Also, reds and purples will work well. But as for others, it’s not predictable. You may think the bass will be lured by a certain color only to find out on the next that they don’t even notice it! So you should be careful with these colors. Some fish and to be precise Bass can be very unpredictable and picky with the bait colors.

    Any advice on colors, you can buy more than one color just to make sure that you have a backup in case the bass does not respond to your bait. But that is if your pockets allow you. Either way, you can stick to the multicolored bait. For instance the green watermelon with red, purple or black specks!

  • 3.Move with seasons

    At least you should by now be aware of the different types of bass lures and the conditions they work with. We have several bass fishing lures that will work perfectly during the winter while others will not. Likewise, we have bass fishing lures for summer. It may not seem to be critical as it is but trusts me it's so essential to consider what season it is before you settle down for a bass lure!

    On the other hand, bass also does have seasons. It comes a time when they will spawn. Be sure of the times and mark the periods between which they get back to their nests for spawning. Note that when they are about to spawn, their appetite is high and can easily be lured by any type of bait!

    On the contrary, when they start spawning, they won't be much concerned about your lures until you disturb them right from their nests. This will anger them and will attack your bait. I would strongly recommend topwater lures when the spawning begins.

    4.Water Clarity

    Water clarity is also a factor you should always consider when choosing a good bass fishing lure. The clarity of the water will tell what kind of bass fishing lure you will use and the watercolor will work perfectly. For murky waters, a brighter color with spikes would work pretty well. This makes your bait more visible. If your water is crystal clear water top lures would be the best to use.


    This is straightforward and needs no much explanation. You at least know what lures will work well on deep and shallow waters respectively. For instance, the spinnerbait lures will be appropriate for catching bass on deep waters. Also, I would recommend the jerk baits for their versatility. They can work for both deep and shallow water.


    So now I believe you are well equipped for choosing exercise. It’s time you picked the best bass fishing lures and change the fishing game. I am glad you can now tell which bait is better for which waters. As I mentioned at the beginning of the post, getting the right bass fishing lures can be very challenging. But the fact is that it doesn't have to be. With the above tips, things will be as easy as never before!