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Source of fishing lure


Source of fishing lure

Lure is a fishing method, that is, lure fishing, which is a way to imitate the attack of big creatures caused by small creatures. Pay attention to skills and need comprehensive operation of cockroaches, baits and wheels. Throughout the process, the fisherman is doing full body exercise, while Lure is simple, clean and environmentally friendly, and is very different from traditional fishing methods.


Unlike traditional fishing, Lure fishing is characterized by an active search for fish. This emphasis on active fish makes the pleasure of fishing upgrade in self-judgment in line with the target water situation. For those who like Lure, they should study books or audio-visual products related to fish living habits, and collect and organize data during the fishing process. The more experience accumulated, the more effective the attack will be when entering the new fishing ground. The higher it will be.



Common road lures are divided into two types: hard bait and soft bait:

Hard bait includes suspension Minnow, Popper, Crank, Pencil, VIB (Rattlin), spoon spoon (Spoon), metal bait sequin (wire bait) ), rotating the spinner, etc.

2. Soft baits include Grub, twintails, worm, craws, lizards, centipede, frog, shad , strong noise type (beard buzzbait) and so on.