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Zhenxing Fishing Lures popular spinnerbait floating high-quality

Zhenxing Fishing Lures popular spinnerbait floating high-quality

Zhenxing Fishing Lures popular spinnerbait floating high-quality

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ABS plastic
Production time
blister cardboard
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VTAVTA Fishing Lures Minnow Whopper Plopper 7.5cm 8.29g Topwater hard Lure Tackle with Rotating Tail Wobblers for Pike Fishing

1)NEW Whopper Plopper:Rapid or steady retrieve the body, causing the whole bait to spin, create waves on the water.Widely attracting the attention of predators to attack it.

2)Natural FISH Brilliant Colors:High-resolution body detail, life-like 3D eyes an confuse and provoke predators, help anglers attract a bigger catch.

3)This bait with lure appearance looks attractive and unique.Like a Submarine shuttle on the top water to attract predators' attention.(Please check the video.

4)The Hooks are made up of professional high strength material. It can bear strong tension strength.

5)These lures targets fish in upper water, including Musky, Pike,Bass, Walleye, Redfish, Yellow Perch and Speckled Trout, etc.

6)Suitable for freshwater and seawater, wonderful tools for fishing lovers.

Zhenxing Fishing Lures popular spinnerbait floating high-quality-1

Submarine whopper plopper

Lure Type: Whopper Plopper

Lure Weight: 8.29g/piece

Lure Length: 7.5cm/Piece

Zhenxing Fishing Lures popular spinnerbait floating high-quality-2

natural fish brilliant colors

whole rotatable body

high resolution body detail

lifelike 3D eyes

sharp hook

Zhenxing Fishing Lures popular spinnerbait floating high-quality-3

whole rotating body

rapid or steady retrieve the body ,causing the whole bait to spin,create waves on the water

lifelike submarine swimming action on the water to attact predator's attention

Zhenxing Fishing Lures spinnerbait goes through systematic design processes. They are specifing spatial relationships, assigning overall dimensions, selecting design form, design details and embellishments, colour and finish, etc.
The design of Zhenxing Fishing Lures fishing lure supplies has many steps. They are rough-in carcass proportions, block in spatial relationships, assign overall dimensions, select design form, configure spaces, choose the construction method, design details & embellishments, color and finish, etc. The product is manufactured precisely based on the Pantone color card, which ensures that there is no color difference
The fabrics of Zhenxing Fishing Lures spinnerbait are selected considering many factors. They mainly include a variety of weight, textures, patterns, and hand feel. It can be customized with a cotton sweatband which promotes absorbing sweat effectively
There are many factors influence the design of Zhenxing Fishing Lures spinnerbait. They are size, weight, required motion, labor required, speed of operation, etc. It is super easy and simple to maintain and it supports machine washing
Zhenxing Fishing Lures spinnerbait is required to be tested with regard to many aspects. They include contaminants and harmful substances testing, bacteria and fungi testing, durability testing, and slip resistance testing. It is perfect for outdoor activities, such as fishing, hunting, hiking, and camping
This product features the desired softness. The fabrics used have been chemically treated by changing the fiber and the surface performance to achieve the ultimate soft effect. It is perfect for outdoor activities, such as fishing, hunting, hiking, and camping
The product is strong and robust. It is made of a sturdy frame that can maintain its overall shape and integrity, which makes it be able to stand up to everyday use. It can keep people warm in winter and protect people's head from the sun rays
The product has no wrinkles. Its fabrics have been treated to have elasticity and strong frictional resistance that can retain its original shape.
This product will not easily generate mold. Its moisture resistance property contributes to making it not prone to the effects of water that will easily react with bacteria. It is ideal for people whose heads are vulnerable to exposure to the cold
This product contains no toxic elements, such as the aromatic amine. It has passed the standard of GB 18401-2003 for the safety of textile products. It is designed to protect eyes from the blaring rays of the sun which may cause some eyes problems such as cataracts
The product is high in demand and has a great market application potential due to its remarkable economic benefits. The product is perfect in preventing sunburn or even skin cancer
The product is applied by more and more people for its advantage of high cost performance. It is useful for protecting the scalp and hair from weather elements such as rain, snow, wind, etc
With a remarkable economic return, the product is considered as the most promising product in the market. The product is perfect in preventing sunburn or even skin cancer
The demand for products continues to increase, and the market prospects for products are promising. Its stretch structure provides a comfortable fit to the head
The product, competitive in price, is widely used in the market now. Featuring moisture wicking, it is a great solution for many sporting activities players
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